Monday, July 28, 2008

Score: Me, 1; Baby Shower, 0.

I went to my first baby shower post-diagnosis yesterday afternoon. As it was for a good friend who struggled mightily TTC and only got there with the help of good ole modern medicine, I think it was a good place to start. I oo'ed and aahh'ed along with the rest of the guests at the massive amounts of pink that my friend and her to-be-born little girl received, enjoyed the punch and petit fours, and dodged the "you're next" commentary like it was my job. It really was a lovely shower, and I am so totally happy for my friend -- she wants this baby more than anything. All that said, I almost made it to my car without tears. Almost. It's just hard. Nobody intentionally said anything to pry or be hurtful, but it's hard nonetheless.

You see, very, very few of our friends know what we're going through right now. For now, we think that's best. Maybe it's weird to blog about your very personal life but not tell your friends and family the web address, but that's where we are -- at least for now. I'm torn between wanting them to know so that they can join with us in prayer (and understand when I'm more difficult to be around than normal!) and not wanting to burden them. Lots of our friends know that I had surgery back in June, but very few people know that we've moved on to the next step. DH is firmly in favor of keeping it to ourselves. We have told our parents and a few friends, but still probably less than 15 people total.

How did you make your decision on "share level," and what was it? Is there any "good" time to tell folks what's going on? Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Is it true? Does it matter?

US Weekly, that bastion of fine journalism, is reporting that the new Jolie-Pitt twins are the happy result of IVF treatments -- obviously, that caught my eye in the check-out line at Target today.

We'll see if the parents confirm, deny, or even acknowledge the story. If it's true, what (if any) will the impact be for the larger IF community? Will it be chalked up to celebrity baby-timing (the article alleges that she wanted to "knock it out" and not deal with the "stress of trying to get pregnant"), or could it bring the attention to IVF and those going through it that these folks have brought to international adoption? What do you think?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome to Our World!

Thanks for being here. We are attorneys living and loving in the Deep South. We have dear friends, families that most people would be jealous of, jobs that challenge us, and a home that we love -- up until now, we have been blessed to live lives where things, by and large, have come easily. Having a baby has been hard.

We start IVF In August, and we covet your thoughts and prayers and, if you've walked this road before, we are privileged to seek your advice. We know that we have an amazing support network who will encourage and love us through IVF and whatever comes after. We love you for it.

Jesus taught that faith like a mustard seed would move mountains. We are trusting that God will grow a Mustard Seed Baby from our dreams and prayers into one of His own. As we continue down this road to our family, we know we're not alone. We're surrounded by a great host of loved ones and friends who are praying for and supporting us every step of the way.We know this isn't going to be easy. We know there will be doubts and pain, hope and struggles. We are praying for our Mustard Seed Baby. Thank you for joining in the journey.