Saturday, July 26, 2008

Is it true? Does it matter?

US Weekly, that bastion of fine journalism, is reporting that the new Jolie-Pitt twins are the happy result of IVF treatments -- obviously, that caught my eye in the check-out line at Target today.

We'll see if the parents confirm, deny, or even acknowledge the story. If it's true, what (if any) will the impact be for the larger IF community? Will it be chalked up to celebrity baby-timing (the article alleges that she wanted to "knock it out" and not deal with the "stress of trying to get pregnant"), or could it bring the attention to IVF and those going through it that these folks have brought to international adoption? What do you think?

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I Believe in Miracles said...

Hi Faith --

Welcome to the blogging world!! Came over from L&F.

I LOVE the title of your blog. The Mustard Seed parable is such a great one.

And to comment on this post -- I wonder what they'll say. I heard someone say that they wanted to have 2 at once. Who on earth would go through all the IVF stuff on purpose? Weird celebs.

Anyway -- welcome! I'll be back.