Wednesday, January 21, 2009


With our new protocol, we went straight from BCPs into stim shots. Funny thing is, nobody told AF she was off duty. In case you're curious, stims + cramps = not a lot of fun. So anyway, I've been harassing my IVF coordinator with questions (Are you really sure this is okay? I really don't understand how I'm going to have enough lining in 10 or so days to sustain a pregnancy? Are you REALLY sure this is okay???) for a couple of days, and today she booked me for a session with our RE after the previously-scheduled ultrasound and bloodwork to discuss the plan.

As much as I want this cycle to go forward, I want it to work so, so much more. I'll let you know what we hear. For now, off to do stim #4.

Happy ICLW!


bb said...

Yes, stims + AF = hurt. I just went through the same thing and wondered how I would build enough lining in that short time too! I look forward to reading the answer. I have trouble with lining as it is already. I am on Day 5 of stims and mine was 5.8 today. Not sure if that is good or bad and couldn't tell from the docs reaction.

Goodluck to you!

Maredsous said...

Ooo, you are starting stims, yeah. Sending you great vibes, and anticramp brain waves.

Good luck!

Soralis said...

Good luck with your cycle!


WiseGuy said... must be zero fun!

But I want to wish you all the very best for your cycle.


April said...

hmmm....i know that i wouldn't get up enough lining. but that is always a problem with me. i'm always jealous of the gals who post about their 12.8 lining and i am struggling at 7 at the height of my cycle....

hope this new protocol works....

Alex and Jill said...

I'm sorry about the pain. :( Praying the cramps go away and you have a perfect lining in the next few days. :)


Sarah said...

well really you're only starting stims a few days earlier than otherwise and they usually look for the lining to begin to thicken even at the day 4 check, so i think it probably makes sense, but so glad they're making time for your questions! i hope you get the answers and wish you good luck with the cycle!!

Nicole said...

I did the antagonist protocol for IVF #2 with Follistim + Menopur and even though it was a bust, I did better on than with Lupron egg-wise, and it was nice to not have 3 weeks of Lupron shots.

Good luck & I'll be checking in for progress reports!