Sunday, January 25, 2009

Change of Plans

As previously noted, I love my RE. So, when he told me yesterday (yes, I had a 20-minute conversation w/my RE on a Saturday) that he wasn't completely happy with how our IVF cycle was developing and didn't want to go forward with it, DH and I whole-heartedly agreed with him. Although we are still within protocol, meaning we meet all the parameters for retrieval, our RE doesn't like the lead follicle situation. Cetrotide did help a bit, but didn't solve what he saw as a problem.

New plan: in an attempt to "salvage" (his word, not mine) the cycle, we're converting it to an IUI cycle. Trigger tonight, IUI on Tuesday. It's funny because we don't have a CLUE about IUIs -- we skipped right through those b/c of our male factor issues -- so any advice from old hands at the IUI process is welcome.

We know the odds on this IUI cycle are not good at all, but we trust our RE's advice. We want to have the best shot at our second IVF cycle, and if he's not happy, we're not happy!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.


Alex and Jill said...

I have no experience with IUI's either...we skipped them and went straight to IVF because insurance didn't pay for IUI's but would pay for IVF. Crazy.

I'll be praying this works though! That's how Jon & Kate got their 8, ya know! :) People think they had IVF but they didn't, they were IUI babies. :)

Good luck, girl!


Caroline said...

Hi there,
I haven't had IUIs either, but I just wanted to wish you good luck with your cycle. I hope that it works for you!

The Patterson's said...

I've had three IUI's and they were easy. Basically, your husband will drop off his sample then you'll come back an hour later and they will insert the sperm. My RE's office has you lay there for 10-15 minutes afterwards with your hips elevated then you can leave and go about your daily routine. I'm assuming it's the same way they do the transfer for IVF, but I haven't done my IVF cycle so I guess I can't be sure. For me, it was totally painless.

Good luck!!

Sarah said...

it is pretty much just like transfer for IVF. there's basically nothing to know, you'll be fine. it would be hard to go ahead with an IVF cycle knowing your DR wasn't overwhelmingly confident. i hope you get crazy lucky!

andrea_jennine said...

Glad to hear you're feeling so comfortable with your doctor's suggested change of plans. IUIs are pretty easy. Hope it goes well!

April said...

arg. that sucks that you can't do the ivf. :( at least you get to do something. the iui is exactly like the mock transfer. you go in, dh does his business, you come back two hours later, then lay on the table, they put the catheter in, inject the boys, and you lay there for 10 min or so. it's no biggie at all. :)

Chelle said...

I skipped the IUIs too! I just noticed we m/c within two days of each other. I am sorry for your loss.

Good luck on this cycle (IUI).


nh said...

Wow at having a conversation with your RE on a saturday!

Sorry that this cycle isn't working out - but at least you still have the chance of IUI.

Mary said...

Sounds like you have a really great RE. Sorry things got changed around this cycle. Maybe it will surprise you and you'll get pg off the IUI cycle. You never know:)

Leslie Laine said...

So glad to see your optimism!! It always feels better to salvage things with an IUI and I agree about not wanting to go thru the rigor of IVF under less than ideal circumstances. We've done 3 IUIs and they're exactly as everyone else has said - pretty simple and painless. Don't get hung up on the stats-IUIs definitely work, and I hope this is it for you!!! Thinking of you and praying!!!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Having done 3 IUIs, it's pretty simple. Just like the Patterson's said - hubby drop off sample, come back and pick it up, go into exam room, insert small catheter with sample, lie with hips up for 10 minutes, go about your normal day (although I was told no strenuous exercise).

Wishing you lots of luck as the cycle got switched around.

Elle said...

Your RE sounds fabulous, and your attitude is great. It helps when the doctor takes the time to walk you through things and really explain them.

Best of luck with your IUI!!!

Maredsous said...

Hope your IUI goes well. It is so simple and uncomplicated you will be fine. In my cycles they monitored the follicles size. Well, the follicle size sort of snuck up on us and they were all greater than 25, so we induced with HCG and did the IUI the next morning.

Good luck!!!

Maredsous said...
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