Thursday, August 7, 2008


Tomorrow is a lucky day. It has been deemed an "auspicious" day, viewed as the luckiest day of the millenium by over a billion people. 8-8-8 is the 7-7-7 of the Asian world. Turned on its side, an 8 forms the symbol for infinity. Any way you slice it, the halves mirror each other.

Tomorrow is a lucky day. Thousands are expected to wed. Hundreds are expected to induce the births of their children. The Olympics are scheduled to start at 8:08 p.m. tomorrow night -- a time and date specifically picked by the Chinese officials to give the Olympics a lucky start.

Tomorrow is a lucky day. Tomorrow is the day that we officially start our IVF cycle -- my baseline bloodwork and ultrasound are scheduled for in the morning, at 8:00 no less (I promise that was a coincidence). Here's to putting the faith of a billion people behind our hope for a baby. Thank you for continuing to follow our journey to a family.


Alex and Jill said...

Good luck tomorrow, girl!! :)

Always praying...


Rachie Pachie said...

YAY! How did it go this morning?

Megs said...

Good luck with IVF!!! How did everything go this morning?? Will be checking in on you! *Hugs*

Just Me. said...

I wrote about the Olympics too on my blog.

How did it go this morning?? Have everything crossed for you.

Here's additional 8 blessings for you!!!! (((hugs))))