Monday, November 10, 2008

Day After Tomorrow

Sorry I've been scarce the last few days. Know that I've been checking in on all of you, laughing and crying with you. For some reason, I just haven't had much to say. Some of that is a by-product of trying not to dwell on what is or isn't rapidly dividing and growing inside of me -- quite a feat, let me tell you. Everyone says to stay positive, but they also tell you to try and be realistic so it isn't so much of a crushing blow if/when you get a BFN. Positive realism is about as easy to maintain as balancing a stack of books on your head: not impossible, but takes constant effort. It can be tiring. Exhausting, even.

We are blessed with a host of friends who've visited, emailed, and called with ideas of fun things to do -- playing distract the IVF friend is quite the popular game, and I love them for it. Even so, all the distraction in the world is brought to a crashing halt when you have the slightest twinge. What was that? Was it good or bad? What does Google say (I know, I know -- Google isn't a doctor)? I told DH to remind me if the answers aren't as we've prayed, IVF Cycle #1 wasn't the worst thing we ever went through and we could do it again. Maybe you all will have to remind me, too.

Answers are coming soon. Regardless of the outcome of Wednesday's Beta, we trust that God is still God, and He uses all of our struggles for His glory.


Leslie Laine said...

I'm praying for you. Know that you are in my thoughts every day, and that this will all be worth it in the end. Keep taking good care of yourself!

April said...

thinking about you often.


sarah said...

I am thinking of you all the time. Can't wait to hear on Wednesday. You are right, the waiting and being positive, but not to hopeful...nearly impossible!

Rachie Pachie said...

Thinking about ya. Glad to hear you have such wonderful friends to try to help distract you.