Sunday, November 23, 2008


Wow -- you folks really know how to come through for a girl! We had a fabulous, fabulous meeting with our RE on Thursday. DH was out-of-town Monday through Friday (yep, it's been a week around here), so my sweet Mom came down on Monday when our loss was confirmed and then again on Wednesday night to be there for Thursday morning's appointment. Anyway, we met with our RE for about 45 minutes, which is like 6 hours in doctor time, and I was the one who wrapped it up when I ran out of questions. He answered everything I asked and then filled in some blanks that I didn't realize were there.

Here's a recap:
  • Positive things about this cycle: my body responded well to the stimulation medications, we had beautiful embryos (he got out a textbook of "what embryos should look like" and pulled up our images, and they looked just alike!), my uterus accepted implantation, and the embryo(s) progressed significantly after transfer. All good things! Most of all -- we got pregnant. According to him, that's huge.
  • What we're going to do differently this time: I'll definitely be on the PIO shots (this time was oral and Crinone only), so that's going to be a challenge for me (remember, DH does NOT do shots). He is also considering diluting the Lupron dosage in an attempt to get more eggs. He was "perplexed" that we didn't get more eggs (only 8) when my estrogen level was so high (2750). I asked that he be as involved as possible for our next cycle and requested that he do the retrieval this time (another doc in his group did it last time), and he agreed that he would unless he's out-of-town - that's fair.
  • Supplements/alternative medicine: He suggested acupuncture, so we're doing it. Has anyone else done it? How have your experiences been?? I'm up for whatever increases our chances, at this point.
  • Cause of miscarriage: He said that there was nothing (that he could tell) about the miscarriage that showed it was related to the IVF/ICSI, and believes that we just fell into the 25-30% of pregnancies that, for whatever reason, end. I'm thankful to be normal, for once.
  • Status of endo: He thinks that being pregnant, even for as short a time as I was, will have a positive effect on the growth of the endo, and does not plan to repeat the surgery before we try again UNLESS I start having a lot of pain (which I'm not now) or large cysts show up on ultrasound.
  • Schedule: We can start back as early as my January cycle which, for now, is the plan.
All in all, very encouraging news. Thanks for all of your suggestions on what questions to ask -- I felt very prepared and equipped for the meeting.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


White Picket Fences said...

"I was the one who wrapped it up when I ran out of questions"

I'm not sure why this line touched me so much ..but it does. As a healthcare provider, I think I take for granted the control that I have when we're in the room together. I choose when to come in and the vast majority of time when the visit ends. I'll have to try to remember this.

April said...

yea, faith! so glad to hear this!!

i did acupuncture and think that it can be a good experience if you get a good person to do it. i had someone who didn't seem to care about me as a person, and really pushed her drugs...but wouldn't tell me what was in them. as someone who prescribes things for a living, i wanted to KNOW what i was taking, you know? the process and sessions were nice, though. :)

we'll be cycling together in january :)

Leslie Laine said...

Sounds like a great meeting. All very promising news!

I would recommend acupuncture, particularly if you can find someone who specializes in infertility. I would recommend trying to get in touch with your local Resolve (infertility support) Group and see if anyone in that group has recommendations for a good acupuncturist who works with infertility. That's how I found mine, and she is absolutely wonderful. In addition to really believing in what she does, she was a tremendous support to me throughout the entire process (particularly when things got jacked up).

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. There is much to be thankful for, and it looks like 2009 will be your year!! :)

Courtney said...

I'm so glad your appt went well. It makes such a difference to have a dr that cares. Just said a prayer for you and your husband. Big hugs.

Mo and Will said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm really glad it sounds like you have such a great doctor who is truly interested in your care. It's heartening. And you sound like you're coping with this huge setback as well as could possibly be expected.

As for acupuncture, I'm on IVF #3, and I just started acupuncture. From what I've read, there is research that it helps, and research that it doesn't, but there is certainly no research that suggests that it might be harmful. So really, you have nothing to lose.

From what I hear (and was told), it IS huge that you got pregnant (doesn't really make the loss any easier but hey).

Can I ask why you will definitely do PIO next time? Were your levels low?

Hang in there. From ICLW. (and thanks for your comments on our blog!)


Leigh said...

Hi Faith

That sounds like an excellent appointment.

You're so right - 45 minutes is definitely like 6 hours in doctor time.

I feel like we're on the same page with this IF thing, well, except for the acupuncture - NOTHING will make me do that LOL

Seriously? - Erin said...

I am sorry for your loss. What a great way to get perspective on the cycle by listing all the things that went right and all the tings that will change.

Best of luck on your next cycle. Is there a friend you trust to do the PIO for you?